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 Our goal for 2016 is to provide superior acne treatment for both our adult and teen clients. As most of our clients know,  just treating the outside doesn't make what is causing the acne to go away.  Treating the inside - Your body, your diet, your at-home skin routine - is the most important for long lasting results.  We have chosen Face Reality as our product line for acne and as our philosophy on acne treatment. Begining February 1st, 2016 we will carry Face Reality products. 

Thank you for your patience as we try to develop this page further.  Below is some helpful information regarding acne provide by Face Reality.

3 Biggest mistakes acne sufferers can make & what to do about it

First Huge Mistake —

Taking antibiotics for your acne.
As someone who has dedicated her professional life to treating acne, nothing frustrates
me more than this astonishing fact: each year 5 million prescriptions are dispensed
for acne treatment. What’s so frustrating? Well, antibiotics simply aren’t the best
treatment for acne and they’re associated with a number of adverse side effects. Then there’s the
overarching terror: overprescription
of antibiotics, including those used to treat acne, is setting
the stage for a public health nightmare that could be just around the corner.
If you have acne and you’ve seen your doctor about it, chances you were put on the antibiotic
first you start with one, and then when that stops working, you move on to
another and then when that stops working, you move on to still another; or maybe you stay on
one antibiotic for years. And, in most cases you STILL have acne. Why? Because all antibiotics
do is improve the condition temporarily because they kill most, but not all, of the bacteria.
Surviving bacteria always repopulate, the acne becomes severe again, and since each antibiotic
becomes less effective over time, in the end you wind up with no options left.
Not only that, but if you’ve taken antibiotics for years on end to treat your acne, chances are
„„ suffer from more frequent colds
„„ increased digestive problems
„„ if you’re a woman, more vaginal yeast infections
„„ plus an increased risk for breast cancer.
None of this is good, but the real terror lies in something that affects each and every one of us:
of antibiotics – yes, including our friends Tetracycline, Erythromycin, and
Doxycycline has created resistant strains of bacteria that are downright deadly. In October
2013, the awardwinning
PBS documentary series FRONTLINE aired “Hunting the Nightmare
Bacteria,” which illustrated how often deadly strains of bacteria, often known as ‘highly resistant
negative bacteria’ evolved from a far less dangerous organism because of antibiotics.
Bacteria reproduce very rapidly, and they also mutate readily to be resistant to antibiotics which
were designed to kill them. So, with the rampant use of antibiotics and the ability of bacteria to
reproduce and mutate, we have the perfect storm which has enabled new strains of bacteria to
evolve into new, nearly indestructible populations. Not good!
Believe me, there are much better ways to treat your acne and get clear skin.
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Second Huge Mistake—Using acne, skincare and makeup products
that make acne worse
Most people don’t know this, but there are tons of skin/hair care products, makeup
and even acne products that contain ingredients that clog your pores. We call these
ingredients “comedogenic ingredients.” Even prescription products
like the cream form of Retin A, that doctors mistakenly give to their acne patients every day,
contains a well-
known pore clogging ingredient called isopropyl myristate.
Organic skin care and acne lines can be some of the worst! Natural oils that sound really
wonderful like cocoa butter and coconut oil are disastrous for the acneprone.
Other oils such as
jojoba, olive and lanolin are mildly comedogenic and can be a problem if formulated with other
comedogenic ingredients. Many over-
acne medications also have pore clogging
ingredients and “oil-free”
products can be comedogenic.
Some of the more common comedogenic ingredients that you see in makeup and hair products
are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate, laureth4,
lanolin and acetylated lanolin,
but there are many more. Liquid foundation makeup can be a minefield of these problem
ingredients. Loose powder, mineral makeup
tends to be the safest choice but still should be
checked. For instance, Bare Minerals Original Formula loose powder foundation is a safe
choice; however the newer Bare Minerals Matte is NOT a safe choice – it contains ActiveSoil
Complex/Soil Minerals that is causing breakouts for most users. We do not recommend any of
the pressed Bare Minerals blushes, bronzers or veils.
For a complete list of comedogenic ingredients and so many other useful information, go to our
website and under Acne Information there is great resources and articles.
Third Huge Mistake—Using acne products incorrectly
Products that are specifically made for clearing up acne oftentimes are very irritating to
the skin and can dry the skin out. People have a tendency to try them out and discontinue
use of them pretty early on or just use them a couple times a week. An even bigger
mistake is to take an acne product and just use it on the existing acne breakouts (spot treat),
especially with benzoyl peroxide. You can’t just use products randomly or just spot treat with
them. Why? Because an acne system that works will prevent the new acne from forming in the
first place. It kills the microcomedone - the beginning of all acne. So the entire area of your
skin needs the right products to stop the acne in its tracks.